Britain’s Got Viral


Boyle's Got Talent...and a short temper if you believe the rumours

Boyle's Got Talent...and a short temper if you believe the rumours

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Britain’s Got Talent clips are the most viewed videos on YouTube today, this week and indeed this month.


Even less surprisingly, Susan Boyle’s topping the charts. Recent controversy around journalistic altercations and accusations of swearing at fellow contestants aside, Boyle has shot to stardom since her first appearance on the show- appearing on chat shows across the Pond and even getting a mention in South Park.

This month’s most viewed clip isn’t Boyle on the show, however. Instead, The Scottish Daily Record has manage to dredge some footage up from 1984 of Boyle singing in a social club in Motherwell.

Most recently, Boyle has been mentioned in an online viral ad for the Simpsons.

The crude dubbing of what looks like old clips, and the tragic attempt at a Simon Cowell impersonation suggest that this particular ad has been rushed together to ride the crest of the ‘SuBo’ wave. It’s not as impressive or funny as previous reports suggested but it has been mentioned by countless blogs as well as the BBC and other major news websites.

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