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Data transmission like email, chat, web search, etc., over the telephone like at a speed rate of more than 56 kbps is termed as broadband. Initially data was transmitted at a rate of 56 kbps using the dial up modems. Later the research in technologies like DSL, ADSL and SDSL made data to travel at a faster rate and also in a much wider spectrum. Adoption of these technologies by the broadband service providers in UK has allowed us to reach a speed limit of 20 Mbps and also to go wireless.

ISP’s in UK now provide broadband service in every possible means. Most of the country has been using broadband service through telephone lines and fiber optic cables. At present they have introduced wireless broadband, mobile broadband, satellite broadband and PAYG services. The government has is planning to invest more and support the ISP’s to reach an average speed limit of 2mb broadband to all the house holds by 2012.

But other reports say that the achieving this proposal might require a 50p increase in the tax. There are two case that has to analysed in this situation. Few families say that they would buy a house only based on the availability of broadband and telephone line with more feasibility and better speeds. While the rest says that the economic melt down will push them to restrict the use of Internet if there is an extra cost is added to the tax.

Most of the broadband service providers say that measures have been to taken to avoid problems like feasibility and signal strength in case of wireless connections. They also added that the release of the PAY-G services and bundle packages which will have provide broadband for free or at a minimal cost will allow users to access the Internet and also fit within their budget.

The launch of the HYLAS satellite payload which is designed by Avanti Communications, a UK satellite provider is designed to help the government to meet the set target by 2012. This satellite has been sent to ISRO space research center in India where it will be integrated in to the platform and will be ready for launch. This has added some hope for ardent Internet lovers, especially from the rural areas. The satellite broadband is a new technology which will provide high speed Internet service using a broadband dish and modem. It is almost similar to the satellite TV connection.

There are also steps taken to increase the number of wifi spots in the country which will help the users in accessing the Internet for free during the course of their travel. A recent news said that the virgin trains has joined hands with Nomad digital to serve its passenger with wifi access. This service will be made complimentary for the first class passengers and the others has to buy the wifi access passes. T-mobile broadband has also announced that the existing mobile broadband customers can have unlimited access while in the hot spots.

All the new plans and features have created more expectations in the minds of Internet surfers. While a equal number say that they do not want a Internet connection or not satisfied or not affordable, during a survey.

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