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Time named their 'Person of the Year' as you, based on the surge in Web 2.0 and User Generated Content

Time named their 'Person of the Year' as you, based on the surge in Web 2.0 and User Generated Content

Everywhere seems to be coming around to the web 2.0 way of thinking. Consumers are fast  becoming creators of the promotional content they would normally be sold.

Lots of marketing experts, particularly those in Public Relations, will be the first to profess the importance of two-way communication in business. The idea that consumers would want to actively take part in this communication is a desire, I imagine, that is rarely fulfilled.

But this is rapidly changing. User generated content seems to be turning two-way communication model on its head as consumers take the reins and create the adverts.

Though not always fantastic, UGC is helping all kinds of brands and companies connect in a whole new way with their audiences.

But is this fair? Is it right that companies with millions of pounds to spend on advertising should exploit eager brand followers by getting free content from them? Are organisations benefiting from the online community a little too much?

Walkers recently took the idea of user generated content to the next level, inviting consumers to do them a ‘flavour’ and invent a packet of crisps. Walkers generously gave the each of the six finalists £10,000 and the winner, Builder’s Breakfast, bagged £50,000 for its inventor and 1% of the revenue of the product for the rest of their lives.

There are indubitable advantages for both companies and consumers with talent.

Talented brand-buyers are able to showcase their creations on a huge scale and live their deserved 15 minutes. Whether or not the scales are equally balanced on the side of the company, however, is debatable.

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