Casetteboy Vs The Apprentice


Lush say its a coincidence. What do you think?

Lush say its a coincidence. What do you think?

Hanging on the tails of the Apprentice’s heavily-mediated coat comes this video remix of good old Sir Alan Sugar.

Power-shots across the London skyline, helicopters, personalised number plates and glass tables aside, Sir Alan is on the Times Rich List and provides entertainment every Wednesday on his show, the Apprentice.

Every week, viewers watch for his acerbic wit and cutting comments that have us laughing, and the next “casualty of the boardroom” close to tears.

Recently, Sir Alan has featured in an advertisement for Lush, the soap and hygiene company, that was not to his tastes.

The advertisement came after Lush was featured in an episode of The Apprentice and was for a new range claiming to be “slightly abrasive but ultimately good for you”. Sir Alan, it would seem, was unsurprisingly unflattered, calling the lawyers in to write a letter to Lush.

The soap company retaliated with a, rather unbelievable, “any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental”- hmm, perhaps not.

In the wake of such a scandal it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to get on the bad side of the business giant. But someone, it would appear, is trying his hardest.

He’s done Harry Potter, Jeremy Clarkson and even David Attenborough, but now Casetteboy has turned his VCR and video-editing software on Sir Alan.

The following is now making its rounds across YouTube, email, Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy:

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