You know those virals that are just…well…bad?

The truth is ugly…and it’s not the only thing

The truth is ugly...and it's not the only thing

Sometimes a viral enters the world that is not of the required quality to make it, well, viral. Those expecting laughs and jokes a-go-go should turn away now.

Google Vs Bing

Google Vs Bing

Bing has faced quite a lot of skepticism and criticism in its short life. Thankfully, most of this is funny, and this video is no different.

PM’s Question Time 2.0

PM's Question Time 2.0

This man is so dreadfully smug with his question to the PM. Somehow, I find myself disliking him more than any dishonest politician there has ever been, especially in his farewell.
I think I would rather see David Cameron charging £1m worth of chest wax to the taxpayer than have to look this man in the [...]

Conspiracy? Bruno Vs Eminem removed by MTV

Conspiracy? Bruno Vs Eminem removed by MTV

The video of Sacha Baron Cohen falling into Eminem at the MTV awards is sharply finding its way off the internet. Viacom International, the company that owns MTV, has requested the removal of a lot of the footage from YouTube.
Odd, since as MTV seems to have reported the incident, complete with pictures, across the globe- [...]