They might not be the newest but they’re fantastic- if there is such a thing, they are classics.

Street Heroes sell mobile phones

Street Heroes sell mobile phones

HTC Hero have possibly hit viral gold with their new freerunning, Street Heroes campaign. Most popular on YouTube this week and with a second video rising through the ranks, will this make it big?

Rubberduckzilla. For people who don’t like water

Rubberduckzilla. For people who don't like water

After their ‘Cactus Kid’ ads were banned, Oasis had to head back to the drawing board for their next advertisement. Would the play it safe? Apparently not.
Rubberduckzilla is fast becoming the next most talked about advert- a cult classic for the MySpace generation.
The Cactus Kid advertisement campaign, though hugely popular, was deemed to beĀ ”offensive and [...]

It’s a sneaker thing

It's a sneaker thing

There are two rules all men must abide by in life. Don’t hit girls and don’t dirty another man’s sneakers.
This video from Footlocker is part of what appears to be a mini-series propounding the unwritten rules of sneaker etiquette- this offering telling those of us who are a bit obsessive about trainer cleanliness to fight [...]

Whole world in your hands

Whole world in your hands

Neil Buchanon would always spend five minutes putting together a huge picture with flags or salt and various bits and bobs just lying around the immediate area. Until it was revealed at the end, viewers were relatively clueless as to what the finished product would be.
PSP have tapped into that in their latest viral campaign [...]