Sponsored: Specsavers 25th Anniversary Bash – Sperm Vs Specsavers

Sponsored: Specsavers 25th Anniversary Bash - Sperm Vs Specsavers

Specsavers cleverly use the concept of birth and the celebration of their 25th year anniversary by recreating their notoriously catchy tagline, ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’, in this hilariously funny viral video again. Check out the video…

Broadband in UK

Data transmission like email, chat, web search, etc., over the telephone like at a speed rate of more than 56 kbps is termed as broadband. Initially data was transmitted at a rate of 56 kbps using the dial up modems. Later the research in technologies like DSL, ADSL and SDSL made data to travel at [...]

Best of Viral

Dear Users, we are changing a little bit. Please feel free to peruse this post to find out about all the fantastic things happening to Best of Viral over the next few days.

Let your random side out

Let your random side out

At the age of around 13, the word random becomes symbolic of a quirky coolness that grown ups just don’t understand. Rowntrees understands.
In its latest campaign it’s choosing to go viral, perhaps in the hopes of hitting the teenage market in its own environment, the web, with its own language.
Beardyman, in the video above, is [...]

Be infamous

Be infamous

Everyone knows the best way to engage with an audience or target market is by interacting with them. In this latest viral, Sony have tried to do just that.
Follow the story of this latest viral campaign for the new PS3 title, inFamous. Along the way you’ll find violence, muggings, theft and some clips from the [...]

Susan Boyle defeated on YouTube too?

Susan Boyle defeated on YouTube too?

The nation’s favourite Scottish lady lost out to Diversity on the Birtian’s Got Talent finale last night. Who would have thought it? The clear favourite from the get-go will not be performing at the Royal Variety Performance, at least not as BGT victor.
More surprisingly, her popularity seems to have dwindled a little online throughout the [...]

Casetteboy Vs The Apprentice

Casetteboy Vs The Apprentice

Hanging on the tails of the Apprentice’s heavily-mediated coat comes this video remix of good old Sir Alan Sugar.
Power-shots across the London skyline, helicopters, personalised number plates and glass tables aside, Sir Alan is on the Times Rich List and provides entertainment every Wednesday on his show, the Apprentice.
Every week, viewers watch for his acerbic [...]

Chris Brown- “I aint a monster”

Chris Brown-

There is no medium more powerful than the internet to get an unmediated message to the masses. Somehow, in the wake of the 7/7 bombings, Londoners knew this. Now, Chris Brown knows this.
Rather than a heartfelt message (or perhaps even apology) about the Rihanna assault situation, Brown is making sure that all us “haters” know [...]

Britain’s Got Viral

Britain's Got Viral

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Britain’s Got Talent clips are the most viewed videos on YouTube today, this week and indeed this month.
Even less surprisingly, Susan Boyle’s topping the charts. Recent controversy around journalistic altercations and accusations of swearing at fellow contestants aside, Boyle has shot to stardom since her first appearance on the show- appearing on chat [...]

Gordon Brown, texture like sun

Okay, so he’s not pretty and the smile is a little creepy at times but look past it and he’s got some pretty good things to say.
This video has been heralded as “one of the funniest videos” produced by Downing Street and has been forwarded non-stop this week.
He might not have the charisma of Obama [...]