Life’s about film stars….

Life's about film stars....

Or so the Lily Allen song goes.
In this weeks most played game, over 18,000 views and it’s only Monday, you have to help Lily escape the Fear.
What is the fear? Who knows? Who is Lily Allen? Everyone knows.
Click here to play.

Cruelest prank ever?!

Oh dear. What would you do if this was you?
This comes from a prank war featured on College Humour. Check them all out. There’s some funny moments.
Our favourite part of this video though is the sudden realisation on the shooters face and his subsequent horror upon realising he’s been pranked. That’s got to hurt.

Batman blows his top

Anyone with running water and a connection to the internet must have heard this. If not, where have you been?
Weeks later, it still makes me laugh.
On the set of Terminator 4, star of American Psycho and the Dark Knight, Christian Bale, blows his top at the Director of Photography when the “nice guy” walks through [...]

War Games, Jelly Baby style

With more than 26million views overall and 35,000 this week alone, it’s no wonder that Jelly Battle is one of this week’s biggest virals.
A turn-based, logic game of wits, Jelly Battle lets you pit your mind against three rival Jelly men by jumping around the screen in an attempt to find weapons to obliterate your opponents.
This game [...]

Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout Cool McCain

What is it with John McCain? Even something that, on the surface, looks like it might be something intended to support him, turns out to be an ironic parody of him. Poor, poor Republican.
While the Cool McCain song may lack musical ingenuity it’s certainly a catchy tune and get stuck in the head really easily. The [...]

Noodle Muncher Mutates

Is it just me or is there something strange in the air at the moment, first we had the mysterious Johnny X and now, reportedly from a village called Aylesworth, we have the story of Gary Booth.
The latest in a line of virals from Pot Noodle is video news footage supposedly from 1982 explaining how [...]

Super Mario Rescues The Princess – Grateful isn’t she

Super Mario the kind samaritan saves the princess and she shows him her gratitude. It will make you think twice when playing Super Mario.

Evolution of Dance

This is one of the most popular clips on YouTube ever and I’m suprised this isn’t an Ad. There is stil time to copy it.

Pardon? Do you think she knows where the US is on the map ?

Miss South Carolina, otherwise known as Lauren Caitlin Uptron, explains why Americans don’t have maps and why the government should help people in South Africa locating America in the sea of admirable beautiful but shockingly dumb Miss Teens. Anyway she is incredibaly stupid, do you think she would know where the US is on the [...]

You’ll never walk alone – Liverpool and Barcelona unite

Okay this maybe old news (posted March 2007) but its real example of how people who are really passionate can really help spread the love. Prepare to sing along.
On YouTube this video has had over 1.5 million views.