Chris Brown- “I aint a monster”


Is Chris Brown really a monster? He's certainly a little insensitive.

Is Chris Brown really a monster? He's certainly a little insensitive.

There is no medium more powerful than the internet to get an unmediated message to the masses. Somehow, in the wake of the 7/7 bombings, Londoners knew this. Now, Chris Brown knows this.

Rather than a heartfelt message (or perhaps even apology) about the Rihanna assault situation, Brown is making sure that all us “haters” know that he’s not a monster. In the same breath, indeed just before he casually throws down his statement, he also mentions something about a new album.

Whether or not Brown is guilty of assault, he certainly seems guilty of poor PR. From the horses mouth, the first thing we here is a quick ‘Buy my new album, I’m not a monster’- not that sensitive at all Brown, sorry.

Brown-lovers will certainly revel in his comeback. Brown-haters will perhaps use this video message as the next rallying point. Either way, it’s a pretty jerky thing to do.

Just yesterday, reported that Rihanna will be subpoenaed to appear and give evidence in court for Brown’s trial. She will, her lawyer has confirmed, comply with the DA’s wishes and testify. She will also be subject to cross-examination from Brown’s lawyers.

Will she agree with him that Brown “aint no monster”? Only time will tell.

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