It’s a sneaker thing

It's a sneaker thing at Footlocker

It's a sneaker thing at Footlocker

There are two rules all men must abide by in life. Don’t hit girls and don’t dirty another man’s sneakers.

This video from Footlocker is part of what appears to be a mini-series propounding the unwritten rules of sneaker etiquette- this offering telling those of us who are a bit obsessive about trainer cleanliness to fight back.

The resulting video has a hilarity factor that should see it passed around the internet quite quickly.

Watch in amazement as this man exacts his revenge while managing to uphold the aforementioned ‘man law’.

Now I know the reason that the Footlocker logo man looks so proud.

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One Response to “It’s a sneaker thing”

  1. hilarious, everybodies felt the rage after having their new trainers spoiled

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