Noodle Muncher Mutates

Is it just me or is there something strange in the air at the moment, first we had the mysterious Johnny X and now, reportedly from a village called Aylesworth, we have the story of Gary Booth.

The latest in a line of virals from Pot Noodle is video news footage supposedly from 1982 explaining how Gary has undergone some straaaange changes, not least of which is the covering of “white fuzz” that now adorns his entire body. Relegated by his family to living in the garage as a result of this transformation, poor Gary claims that it is his love of Lamb Hotpot Pot Noodles that is responsible. Or so the legend goes…

Time will only tell whether this video will be as successful as their ‘Tipping Pot’ Guinness spoof viral campaign; the video of which on Youtube alone has received more than 300 thousand views

I wonder if the people in the marketing department have had a few too many pot noodles of their own but you can’t deny it – they get people talking!

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