PM’s Question Time 2.0

Mr B smiles for Britain

Mr B smiles for Britain

This man is so dreadfully smug with his question to the PM. Somehow, I find myself disliking him more than any dishonest politician there has ever been, especially in his farewell.

I think I would rather see David Cameron charging £1m worth of chest wax to the taxpayer than have to look this man in the face and answer any of his questions. Such is the impact YouTube is having on journalism- everyone’s a Paxman.

If they thought blogging brought about the inane and boring journalism of tomorrow, then welcome to Paxman 2.0.

Video blogging (or vlogging) has created many internet celebrities (cewebrities if you will) but somehow I don’t think (or rather hope) Number 10’s YouTube channel will have the same effect?

Mr Brown’s answer to the above question is below by the way. I love the look of disgust on Gordon’s face in the first frame.

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