Rubberduckzilla. For people who don’t like water


Oasis. For people who don't like water and love huge rubber ducks...

After their ‘Cactus Kid’ ads were banned, Oasis had to head back to the drawing board for their next advertisement. Would the play it safe? Apparently not.

Rubberduckzilla is fast becoming the next most talked about advert- a cult classic for the MySpace generation.

The Cactus Kid advertisement campaign, though hugely popular, was deemed to beĀ ”offensive and inappropriate … and could be interpreted to condone underage sex and teenage pregnancy” by the Advertising Standards Agency last October.

Interestingly, a video doing the exact opposite, highlighting the very real and serious side to teenage pregnancy, by the NHS was recently banned by YouTube.

Cleverly, the new Oasis advertisement is using the internet and its cult status to reach us in a whole new way. Technologically advanced stuff coming our way.

A game on the website uses technology featured in Wired Magazine to make a new kind of experience with your webcam. Hopefully, potential consumers of the product will take the time to print the symbol required to fully play the game.

As previously, Oasis are taking a bit of a risk, with their tongue-in-cheek salute to Eastern cultures, but hopefully it is one that will pay off.

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