Street Heroes sell mobile phones

The two videos for this campaign work simultaneously and are subtle. To the casual viewer, this is intended to be true footage. Looking closer, who’s filming it? And how does the guy, supposedly filming on his mobile phone, manage to get into his own shot?

Either way, very cleverly done. Watch out at the end of this first video to glimpse HTC Hero very quickly on the back of the bus. Effective? We think so.

The decision of a two-pronged attack on the video campaign is clever, allowing for a second wave of viral publicity once the first video has died down. Incidentally, that first video was one of the most popular on YouTube this week.

There’s also a MySpace page that sets everything up and gives it a more genuine edge- taking away the commercial aspect and hoping to further engage with the relatively young target audience.

Do MySpacers and urban free runners want a HTC smartphone though?

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