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PM’s Question Time 2.0

PM's Question Time 2.0

This man is so dreadfully smug with his question to the PM. Somehow, I find myself disliking him more than any dishonest politician there has ever been, especially in his farewell.
I think I would rather see David Cameron charging £1m worth of chest wax to the taxpayer than have to look this man in the [...]

Viral Friday # 1

Viral Friday # 1

I wish we all lived in Spain. If we did, this Viral Friday featured could be alliterative. It would, in Spanish, be called Viernes Virico. Here are the videos we’ve enjoyed most this week:

Pure genius. Poor Bonnie Tyler is having the Total Eclipse of her heart ripped out and remixed into a hilarious parody of the 80s [...]

Gordon Brown, texture like sun

Okay, so he’s not pretty and the smile is a little creepy at times but look past it and he’s got some pretty good things to say.
This video has been heralded as “one of the funniest videos” produced by Downing Street and has been forwarded non-stop this week.
He might not have the charisma of Obama [...]