Viral Friday # 1

Viral Fridays
I wish we all lived in Spain. If we did, this Viral Friday featured could be alliterative. It would, in Spanish, be called Viernes Virico. Here are the videos we’ve enjoyed most this week:


Pure genius. Poor Bonnie Tyler is having the Total Eclipse of her heart ripped out and remixed into a hilarious parody of the 80s video. Like Casetteboy Vs The Apprentice, we like people being a bit creative with other people’s content. Open source media all the way.


Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity have had the most views on YouTube this week. Their final act was flawlessly executed (excuse the pun) and has set a new precedent for future dance acts. This video, BoV feels, deserves its place in the spotlight.


This video is from FailBlog. In the wake of MPs expenses and ministerial resignation, it seems everyone’s out to get our PM. It’s obvious that this video will only add to the collection of David Brent-esque footage of Mr Brown.


UPDATE: Why are Viacom, who own MTV, taking this video off YouTube?

Sacha Baren Cohen’s latest invention is Bruno, the fashion journalist. His latest stunt found him falling from the ceiling of the MTV awards ceremony into the lap of Eminem, who has made a recent comeback.

There have been rumours that the whole thing was staged and that Eminem’s reaction may not be genuine. Either way, it offers a good opportunity for a giggle.


Lastly, but by no means least, everyone’s favourite Conrad has appeared on Family Guy in the US. If our calculations are correct, the episode should be arriving on BBC3 on Sunday, July 12. For now, this clip is more than enough to whet our appetites.

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