Viral Friday # 4

VIRAL-FRIDAY-150New today, Michael Jackson’s final rehearsal 2 days before his death has been revealed. Apparently it has quashed rumours that he was frail. Still not sure what to think though.

FIlm Noir makes a comeback in this advert for Head & Shoulders. Will this man make sure his hair knows his affections before it leaves him? Male pattern baldness metaphor, anyone?

We’re not sure quite how safe it is not to include a ‘don’t try this at home’ message in big red letters, but we’re sure that it makes us want to be Spiderman. Remember the guy who used to do all the free-running for the BBC ads? Well now, we’re in his eyes…We’ll be looking into this campaign on Wednesday next week.

One of the best fall fail clips since that fella from Catch Phrase fell down the stairs and broke his leg on his first show. Fantastic.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a hitherto undiscovered life form found in North Carolina. Or a hand. Pretty lame but it seems to be cooking up a storm on YouTube this week, racking up nearly 200k views since it was added 2 days ago.

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